“To What Do I Owe This Kindness?” And Other Sick Phrases

The other day someone asked, "To what do I owe this kindness?", and I was suddenly fearful for the future. Why? Because the marketplace of relationships in which I choose to participate does not utilize such currency, nor would I ever want to raise a child in a society where this is so. But, alas. For … Continue reading “To What Do I Owe This Kindness?” And Other Sick Phrases

Tamara Sue

The first few chords of yet another sappy country song strum over the airwaves, prompting an elegant, perfectly manicured hand to reach for the volume control. Her dark, stormy blue eyes are sharp and alert, darting systematically from road to rear-view mirror to road again, her left hand solidly gripping the steering wheel. A wisp … Continue reading Tamara Sue


The psychological effect of loss in my life will forever fascinate and frustrate me. I was devastated over and over when they left in almost perfect succession over the years. Boo hoo. Although that last one almost did me in. Watch me break my back carrying this standard issue emotional baggage. Life is a beautiful, … Continue reading Firewood