Are you trying to kill me, diva planner?


Cradle Robbers

"The fit was perfect. The people looked. And looked. And looked. Some frowned. Some smiled. Some even laughed. And some cried. And they began to understand.  Time passed and upon the beautiful land the trees climbed like ladders to the stars, the waters shone like mirrors, and the people saw their beauty. A breeze stirred … Continue reading Cradle Robbers


Thirty five approached swiftly, softly, sweeping through like the gentlest whisper of a breeze which, except to the sensitive,  could have easily passed by unnoticed. After sojourning long in pigtails and play jeans, I caught a glimpse of my reflection the other day and saw a woman. Awestruck, I stared in fascination. I only faintly … Continue reading 35

“To What Do I Owe This Kindness?” And Other Sick Phrases

The other day someone asked, "To what do I owe this kindness?", and I was suddenly fearful for the future. Why? Because the marketplace of relationships in which I choose to participate does not utilize such currency, nor would I ever want to raise a child in a society where this is so. But, alas. For … Continue reading “To What Do I Owe This Kindness?” And Other Sick Phrases