It’s simple. I’m a wannabe writer who has had to make hard decisions disguised as crazy ones in order to preserve my dedication born of a young and torrid love affair with the written word.

Time and time again, I’ve watched in horror as the fragile, fragrant dream is trampled and left wreaking of havoc for the dreamer. Why? The Benjamins.

So I’ve chosen the higher ground, the narrow path, if you will. (The one leading to the river where we can thaw our mismatched mittens by the fire where all we can hear is the sound of our own racing minds.)

Ahem…where was I? Ah yes.

After a valiant battle, I can say proudly that I still write because I Iove to, I still believe in the power of words, and I still have hope in a generation of folks who seemingly has forgotten the value and wisdom in real, lasting, meaningful communication. The kind that transforms us.


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