Dear friends,

Why do we wait so long to come back to center, thinking that somehow swinging the pendulum this way or that will get us where we’re going?

Maybe it’s just me.

The facts are as follows: it will end the way it’s going to end. Fear is an illusion when it holds us back from seeing Truth.

Some of us walk a thin line. Many play it safe. Not one is better than the other.

So, why the anxiety?  Why the strife? Why the pointing of fingers?

Because we are afraid of our own reflection.

I’ve stumbled upon something. There is a kind of love that is intuitive, never forced. One that startles you to paralysis. One that reminds you of who you are.

It’s the real kind.

And it’s terrifying.

The reason for my favorite movie of all time was just recently realized. (I know, I’m slow.) The moral is: “If I ever go searching for my heart’s desire again, I won’t go further than my own backyard. Because, if it’s not there, it was never really there to begin with.” I know, I know. It ends with a preposition and it is painful. But still true.

The tin man was always my favorite because the wizard gave a speech about how hearts will never be practical until they can be made unbreakable and his response was, “but I still want one.”

If you don’t get it, that’s totally cool, too. But I feel it’s fair to illustrate my personal level of insanity so you can judge fairly.

Obviously I’m terrible at this. And by ‘this’ I mean life in general. I trust you to know this already and not be a jerk about it. Approximately three of you read this blog and it’s only because you really love me – psst…I love you, too – but…WHY? You know I only write to connect with you because being an island sucks and, frankly, I ain’t got time lately to have you all over for a BBQ. Why don’t y’all start a blog so I can judge you back???

You know these things: I’m not afraid to be terrible at something. I’m not afraid to love. I’m not afraid of much, really. Except pork.

The greatest folks I’ve studied failed for years and failed in big ways before finding success.

And aren’t we all born for greatness?

Thank you for listening.


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