The year has come for me to die. Well, I don’t want to, necessarily. It’s just the age I always envisioned dying.

I know, I know. You’ve just diagnosed me. Still, I’m feeling a time crunch here.

The star of this piece is not myself, but my little purple birthday present. It arrived a week before my actual birthday, after loving prompts from a beautiful coworker whom somehow gets me and proves it by feeding my soul.

It’s a planner.

Stop laughing.

Anyway, so obviously it’s more than just a planner or I would sign myself into somewhere right this minute.

It’s a goal maker-smaller.

This fancy little book in which I’m afraid to actually write because I feel the need to master calligraphy first (yes, it’s that fancy) ¬†asked for my name – nailed it – and then for my 2017 “theme”.

Are you trying to kill me, diva planner?

After a week of severe struggle-bussing because apparently I still obsess about every ink mark, I’ve landed upon “Stewardship.”

In the interest of avoiding the religious debate – and not because I’m afraid but more exhausted by folks who claim to never have had a supernatural experience in which he/she knew for sure there is something bigger and way better than us going on – I will be proud to announce this yearly theme shatters boundaries and perceived borders of faith because most of us can agree there must be something more.

If we are really honest, we know that we have responsibilities: to society, to our community, our families, ourselves. If you disagree with this, please know that our baseline values do not align so if you find yourself disagreeing with me often, it only stands to reason. If you agree I will kindly thank you for one more stitch in the comfort zone flag.

By responsibilities, I mean duties. Feeling a burden and doing something about it are two very different things. I advocate heartily for parenthood because it has been the clearest lens through which to see the most important parts of the human experience.

Couldn’t all religions agree (yes, even that creepy Oprah one where we are supposed to love ourselves) that we are to be giving back? And not just random giving, but with discernment to ensure any energy we put out there for others land in the right place?

Whether my little purple planner knows it or not, whether I ever get the courage to write more inside…it has already helped set my sights on the horizon.

I’ll be spending time paying debts, asking forgiveness, letting go.

I’ll be praying for divine help deciding how to give time and resources for the good of those around me.

I’ll be taking myself down a notch so others can move up one.

I’ll be genuinely happy with what I already have. Afterall, it’s plenty.

It’s warm and peaceful here, walking in the Light.

1 John 1:7


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