Interrogating the Storm

storm2May I be a writer with no reader?

A believer without judge?

A woman apart from man?

An expression devoid of face?

May I be an American lacking pride?

A soul without a mate?

A mother free from guilt?

A dreamer minus the dream?

A vessel sans rudder?

A question beyond answer?

May I be social by myself?

Happy without joy?

Angry free of resentment?

Addicted lacking substance?

May I have a story never told?

Permission without the slip?

Laughter without jokes?

The sun beneath the shade?

May I love free from expectation?

Dig the crowd yet not the people?

Prefer travel short of arrival?

Carry my sword outside its sheath?

Fight a cause not my own?

Give help needless of invoice?

Accept it but not owe?

Feel compassion sans self-destruction?

Go to church, forget my shoes?

Be myself yet never perish?

May I be honest free of penalty?

Lightning apart from thunder?

Remember sunsets, not the snapshot?

Regret without apology?

May I lead my bliss…not follow?


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